In which I humbly extend my formal greetings to the internets.

You know, it’s about time I started giving back to the internet.

I’ve been an enthusiast (albeit a relatively late adopter; I think I set up my first AOL [!] account in 1996) of All Things Internet for a while now, but, outside of sending a lot of emails and contributing occasionally to MetaFilter, I’ve been more of a consumer than a producer. I’ve decided that it’s high time that I set up my Own Damn Blog, on which I’ll write mostly about film and related issues, from the point of view of a scholar and an enthusiast.

I’m also planning on using this site as a forum to write about the concept of ambiguity in art. I enjoy doing close readings of texts of all kinds (films, TV shows, songs, literature, etc.), and find that some of the most compelling and fascinating texts are the ones that do not answer all the questions that they pose. So I’m planning on writing occasional posts about ambiguous texts, and how we might analyze them to find their meaning(s).

Please visit often!

For more about me, visit my About the Author page.

For my full CV, please click here.


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  1. Hooray! Welcome to the Blogosphere, Professor!

    I look forward to consuming your product — or rather — your treats. 🙂

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