The dozen regular readers of this site have probably noticed the recent redesign, which was a long time coming. With a friend’s help, I have made this website, I think, a bit more attractive and quite a bit more functional.

The site’s initial design was pretty plain, and the images and layout were somewhat arbitrary. (The banner image of Harold Lloyd [below], for instance, is a nice pic, but has little to do with me or my site.) OK, OK, the image of Klaus Kinski and a monkey (from the great film Aguirre, the Wrath of God) may have been partly inspired by the fact that I happen to be in the middle of a pretty interesting book by a travel writer who retraced Aguirre’s path in searching for El Dorado, but it’s still a little bit more on-target.

The new design is a bit more colorful and interesting; as well, with the addition of the bar of menu links, site navigation is more intuitive and functional. The site is no longer just a reverse-chronological collection of postings. Posts and essays are more neatly categorized now.

The chief changes:

  • I’ve updated and entered the contents of my CV;
  • The “Welcome” and “About Me” pages, while not exactly content-rich, are now I think pretty useful in providing a general sense of what this site is about;
  • I’ve included direct amazon links to buy my two books;
  • Most substantially, I’ve added a pretty lengthy section entitled (after some deliberation) “Other Works,” which contains links to various of my writings that can be found strewn about in the mustiest corners of the internet. (I sincerely hope that this will be a regularly updated section of the site.)

There’s some pretty decent stuff linked in that “Other Works” section, if I may say so; I’ve broken it down into sections: Film, Books, Music, and Videogames. About that last category: partly because I had no other sensible place to put them (and because I didn’t think they merited a menu-bar category of their own), I have included in the “Other Works” section the entirety of my output as a videogame reviewer for a now-slumbering game review site. That entirety amounts to about 14 reviews, some of which I happened to reread recently and found that they made me chuckle. They were enormously fun to write, and I hope they’re fun to read, as well.

Oh, also, I’ve included a couple pictures of my dog. No website is complete without pet photos. Here’s another, taken over the holidays.

Why? What was on top of YOUR Christmas tree?

Thank you for reading. More actual content coming soon!


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