Let the Tashlinesquerie begin!

I’m very pleased to announce that my book Tashlinesque: The Hollywood Comedies of Frank Tashlin, has just been published by Wesleyan University Press. That’s the cover, right there, below this very sentence.

If you would like to buy it, you can click on the “BUY TASHLINESQUE” menu link at the top of this page; it takes you to the book’s page on amazon.

When I am a little less swamped with work, I will post a much more substantive blog entry on Tashlin, Tashlinesque, and various other bits of Tashliniana. For now, though, here are a few notes about the initial wave of notice about the publication of my book.

I haven’t been able to help myself from searching for “Tashlinesque” on Google, and there have been a few interesting hits so far. (At the moment, so far as I know, there have not yet been any published reviews of the book; I expect/hope those to arrive soon.)

  • By far, the best of the current references to my book is this one, at a splashy and extremely pink blog devoted to the great Jayne Mansfield. I am honored to have my book linked by this site. Jayne Mansfield is greatly underrated and misunderstood.
  • One of the references is one that I knew was coming: a mention of my book at Mondo-Video.com, an excellent site produced by people who really love movies. I spoke with Justin, one of the webmasters, via Skype a few weeks ago; parts of that interview will be included in an upcoming episode of Mondo Video’s Podcast; here’s the promo page.
  • More to come, I hope. Being fairly new to this blogging thing, I’m quite fascinated by the “recursive linking” that drives it. So I’ll keep my eye on this.

Another really exciting occurrence occasioned by the publication of Tashlinesque is that I have received emails from Frank Tashlin’s daughter and granddaughter within the last week. Both have been extremely kind in their interest in and support for the book, and I hope to have more time to speak with them in the near future.

I’ll also admit to refreshing the amazon page for my book and taking a great interest in the way that the slowly climbing “sales rank” numbers presumably reflect, in some sort of abstract, impossible-to-quantify way, the fact that Tashlinesque has been promoted via email, listserv, Facebook, and other such channels. A few days ago, when one could only pre-order the book, its rank was something like 1,800,000; as of this writing, it’s #82,519. Watch out, Hunger Games! I’m angling for your Number One spot.

In the near future, I will use this blog to post additions, expansions, and explanations of some of the ideas in Tashlinesque. For now, though, I leave you with a photo of Jane Russell in a sudsy bathtub, taken on the set of Tashlin’s terrific 1952 film Son of Paleface. Would that every day were replete with such images.

Cecil B. DeMille, Frank Tashlin, and Jane Russell on the set of Tashlin's film SON OF PALEFACE


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  1. If you want me to make mention of your book on my tribute site honoring comedian Jerry Lewis, let me know. The link is: http://www.behindthehiddenmask.com – Speaking of Mr. Tashlin, I have some great candids of Mr. Tashlin in my collection.

    • Hi, Morgan,

      Any fan of Jerry Lewis is a friend of mine!
      It’s 100% your call whether you mention my book on your site – thank you for asking. If you read the book, like it, and have good things to say about it, then of course I’d only be too glad to see kind words written about it. But, hey, if you don’t like it and want to slam it, that’s OK, too. I’ll just express my preference for the former. 🙂 Thanks!


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